Texas allows many different options to probate an estate.  From a simple Small Estate Affidavit to a full dependent administration, Lacy Kimball Law can help you through the process in the most cost-effective and time conscious manner.

However, the worse thing a family can do is to do nothing at all.  Often times, if an estate is not properly and timely settled through a probate mechanism, assets could be lost and the expenses of resolving the issue increases exponentially.  This often occurs when one elderly person passes and the family assumes that the surviving spouse "gets everything".  This may be true, however, the surviving spouse will not "get" anything unless the legal matters are resolving transferring the assets to the spouse.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of how probate can be so expensive and a difficult experience.  Luckily, Texas provides opportunities for the residents to avoid those urban legends.  Let Lacy Kimball Law help you through the difficult time of losing a loved one by helping you resolve the legal matters that arise with the passing of someone. 

Estate Planning

There are many avenues to prepare your estate to ensure that your final wishes are carried out in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. 

There are also many other issues that arise during your lifetime that are preventable and/or manageable with the correct estate planning approach. 

Many people do not realize, that for some assets, even if  you have a Last Will and Testament, that document may not have the power to control the asset when you pass.  Worse yet, you have a Last Will and Testament that cannot be effectuated without often time requiring an asset be sold- even if that was not your intention. 

Estate planning goes even further to include documents necessary to care for you and your estate while you are alive.   These documents that are often times necessary in more of a "time crunch" include powers of attorney, designation of guardians, disposition of remains, and other related documents that you or your family may need. 

Call us today to discuss the options available to you to get your affairs in order to make your final wishes happen at your death and to prepare the documents and plan necessary for your family to help care for you in your time of need.