Collaborative law is a newer mechanism available in Texas family law cases to help settle your case through professionals in a private manner to ensure that you get a settlement agreement that is best for your and your family.  In a collaborative case, the parties utilize mental health professionals and/or financial experts to help craft and order that is fiscally effective and practically sound for your family's life. 

Collaborative Law

Family law encompasses many different types of suits involving the family and marital relationship.   We are pleased to announce that Lacy Kimball is now Board Certified in Family Law to help bring her experience and knowledge to help your case. 

Divorce.  Many people often think of divorces when they hear the term "family law".  Divorces are the ending of a marriage.  This is an emotional, stressful, and trying time for all people involved.  But while you are dealing with the emotions of a divorce, you need someone to protect your legal interests.  From custody issues to property, the time during a divorce is very critical to ensure the team you have to protect you is ready, willing, and able. 

Custody.  There are often times when a relationship ends without getting married, but there are children involved.  Lacy Kimball believes that the approach to any suit involving children should be custom and tailored to your daily life.  There is nothing but heartbreak and fights in your future by trying to make a custody order work that is unworkable.  Lacy Kimball Law fights to ensure that the final order entered for your children is just that- for your children.

Modifications.  As children age and time passes, things change.  That is the purpose of the Texas Legislature allowing parents to modify the conservatorship rights, duties, possession schedule, and support.  Sometimes a modification is necessary in an emergency, sometimes it is necessary to do what is best for your child, but either way, a modification is a new lawsuit with the same challenges as the original suit- or more.  Lacy Kimball approaches modifications in a way to work hard to get the necessary changes that are best for your family. 

Enforcement.  Sometimes people refuse to abide by a court order.  The remedy for that is an enforcement.  The law allows for some types of enforcement to obtain penalties from simple fines to jail time.  Contact Lacy Kimball Law today if you are having issues pursuing or defending an enforcement.

Family Law