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Estate Planning

An estate plan is much more than just a Last Will and Testament.  Powers of attorney, transfers that are effective at death, and other documents are necessary to properly prepare your estate for your family at the time of your death.


Forms and Information

Plan Book

Lacy Kimball has created a Plan Book to help your family in the situation if you are incapacitated or pass away. During your consultation, you will review the steps to ensure that your planning is complete and accurate.


If you have not planned properly, the only avenue your family may have to help you in your final years is a guardianship.  Guardianships are costly and time consuming. However, if necessary, Lacy can help your family through the process.

Probate vs NonProbate

Texas distinguishes between probate assets and non probate assets.  Lacy can help you establish the correct plan for each.

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