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There are situations where a relationship ends but there are lingering custody issues.  Additionally, in Texas custody can be modified until the child "ages out" or indefinitely in the situation of a disabled child. 

When evaluating how to address problems in your custody or modification case, there are a variety of way to approach the situation and find a good resolution.  Custody cases do not end when the judge signs the order- they continue at each event and holiday you may see the other parent at. 

Lacy strives to create custom orders that are truly best for the children and parents

Forms and Information

When children are involved in a divorce, the stakes can be much higher.  When you are considering what the new routines in life will be for you and your children, it is helpful to understand what is important and what is the best way to have valuable time with your children.

During any litigation in Texas, the parties will complete the discovery process.  This is a process where each party discloses certain information to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the situation.  This form will help gather that information that MUST be shared during litigation. 

This informational article will help explain how there are "3 parts of a kid" when you are creating custody orders.

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