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The Equine Sales Agreement contains:

1.  Prepurchase agreement- includes topics such as proof of funds, notices and limitations of pre-purchase evaluations, and waivers of injury while trying the horse.

2.  The Sales Agreement and Bill of Sale- topics including waivers of known or unknown injury or defects, failure of the horse to compete on a particular level, waivers for issues missed in any veterinarian pre-purchase exam, and other often litigated equine issues.

-  The breeding portions include language to elect for stallion breeding reservations or embryo reservations.  The contract covers all necessary information to reserve the breeding, access the breeding, ensure that the breeding rights have protection if the horse is sold in the future, and language to ensure that live and sound foals are obtained. 


This contract can be used by the buyer, seller, or a broker.

Equine Sales Agreement with Retained Breeding/Embryos


    Equine Contracts

    Each contract is a one time purchase per person.  Contracts may not be used in any transaction in which at least one party has not purchased the contract.  Use of any contract does not create an attorney client relationship between Lacy Kimball Law and the user.

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